Local food crawl

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Price 20 EUR /Adult
Price 15 EUR /Child
Price 15 EUR /Senior
Price 15 EUR /Student

You can expect

- Get intimate with Polish culture through its traditional food: dumplings, pickled cucumber, sour rye soup, a shot of homemade liquor and much more!
- A small group tour assures the personal attention of your local guide


- food tour

Can you think of a better way to experience Polish culture than through it's traditional cuisine? We can tell you that food is one of the most important parts of every culture.

Our Street Food walking tour will involve all your senses (notably the sense of taste) and show you places you will not find by yourself! Our local inhabitant and food lover will lead you straight through the most important food places in Cracow. On the way is the oldest food market, a restaurant with homemade food usually visited by locals, and a cafe with homemade liquours.

Apart from tasting, you will get a full commentary as to why particular dishes are on Polish menus and a lot of anecdotes.

So don't hesitate and join us, your stomach will thank you!

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