Dictatour - Communism Guided Tour

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Move into the times of Communism Poland and explore the industrial climate of Nowa Huta with our Dictatour - Half-Day Communism Guided


- Face the absurdities of communism
- Learn about Nowa Huta's beginning as a model industrial center under communist rule
- Ride in communist-era minibus Nysa 522 or most popular vehicle in communist Poland - Polski Fiat 126p
- Discover Nowa Huta with the native citizen
- Take a 2.5-hour bus and walking tour of Krakow’s Nowa Huta district

Dictatour is not a usual tour. Walking down the streets of Nowa Huta with its native citizen (the driver and tour guide in one), you will not only become familiar with its characteristic architecture but you will also listen to interesting stories and learn about the absurdity of the past times. Nowa Huta – a symbol of the Communist era, established by the then pioneering politicians and leading architects, was founded with a view to creating a perfect city. One can easily notice the symmetry and precision close to that of renaissance buildings. You will set off on a trip in an authentic communist-era car equipped with a tour audio system with a specially arranged commentary. You may stop at any point during the tour, leave the car and take pictures.

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transportation by communist era car - Nysa , english speaking live guide, pick up/drop off (must be confirmed by our reservation department)



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